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Cátedra WS Energia

WS Energia" Invited Chair at IST and MIT

Keywords: energy production and management, distributed generation, ENERNET, e-electricity

The Invited Chair has the status of "MIT Affiliate".


Mission: "Power the People"

The Invited Chair mission is to research and develop tools and platforms to POWER THE PEOPLE, by enhancing the choices and access of every end-user to energy management and production. The research topics within the scope of the Invited Chair are: distributed electricity generation, penetration of micro-generation, new energy sources, e-electricity digital infrastructure, virtual network for individual electricity consumers and producers and sustainable energy systems. Strategic outcomes: four years view.


The time frame of the Invited Chair is four years.

The expected outcomes of the Invited Chair are: - Build a world class team recognized for its contribution in the energy democratization at the technical, economical and policy level; - Develop tools, softwares, models and know-how to forecast and explore end-user energy management and production; - Raise R&D funds at the National and International level; - Support strategic decision of WS Energia through informed reports;



The Invited Chair will be hosted at Instituto Superior Técnico through its Physics Department.

The WS Energia Invited Chair, is co-funded by WS Energia and Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia through its Invited Chair Program.